The "Portus Foundation" is a social utility non-profit foundation that pursues exclusively charitable purposes.
The Foundation pursues its objectives through the allocation of contributions by individuals, legal entities and associations, for cultural and environmental non-profit initiatives.

The Foundation aims stand into :

  • Encouraging, promoting, disseminating and valorizing, in the most appropriate manners deemed, knowledge, study, recovery, restoration and use of the assets of historic, artistic, archaeological, landscape and environmental interest;
  • Organizing conferences, conventions, celebrations, events, exhibitions, fairs, meetings and seminars for increasing the exchange of knowledge, experiences and study.
  • Promoting and financing, (or co-financing), awards, scholarships and study grants.
  • Producing educational and information materials, editorials, audio and video data support materials, in order to allow the enhancement, the availability and the consultation both in libraries and archives.

All planned activities will, however, always, have purposes conform to the original Foundation mission, with a clear and substantial attention to the institutional regional and national context of reference.