Castello di Ardea

Restoration and requalification project

       The non-profit organization PORTUS FOUNDATION, is committed to the implementation of the project "Restoration of the Castle of Ardea". This stands in line with the belief that the Sforza Cesarini Palace, called "the Castle", located in the city of Ardea, is an historical and artistic valuable good, to be valorized and returned to the citizenship as a collective cultural space.
For such project Rutula S.r.l., the Company that owns the estate, obtained the authorization, on Dec. 21st, 2010, by the Authority for Architectural Heritage and Landscape of Lazio, to restore the walls and the ground floor, and the reconstruction of the second floor. The Foundation is in the process of improving relations with the Rutula S.r.l., for the realization of such project, which justifies the commitment of the Foundation to provide for the ancient palace valorization for a reasonable period of 20-30 years.
The Foundation therefore assumes the responsibility of restoration and reconstruction. By completion of all works, the Foundation could also offer the site to promote exhibitions, major events, conventions, culture in general, and exhibit archaeological finds, with advantages for the city of Ardea. In order to achieve such goals, the Foundation may find other resources made available by third parties.
According to the project, the historic and precious Sforza Cesarini Archive will be located in the restored palace. There will also be a museum, a conference room and multi-purpose rooms. On the outside of the castle, the recovery and redevelopment of the surrounding spaces is planned together with new street materials and walkways that may present a image of the entire area, which presently is still in a state of complete degradation due to man and time carelessness.