Diana Insulae

Book Presentation

 The non-profit organization PORTUS FOUNDATION, knowing the best way to read the Article 2 of the Statute, under "Purposes and institutional activities", which also provides to "promote cultural activities" and to "produce educational materials, editorial publications , studies and research, has commissioned the creation of a book on "House Insula of Diana", located within the Ostia Antica excavations.
The building, dated about 130 AD, was subject of a thorough review of its history by Dr. Alfredo Marinucci, creator of the project and author of a broad section of the text.
The work, which provides accurate information of the events of the building, reveals the existence of unknown elements of his life, ever placed in the right light, despite the first research has been conducted since the beginning of the twentieth century.
The project and the subsequent text drafting, are the result of long and skilled maintenance and restoration interventions. These were performed with the help of a competent working group that has identified, in the history of the building of Diana, five main structural phases. The first of which must be recognized at the Adrian age.
It is the Foundation pride to contribute, through this volume, to the diffusion of new and significant fragments of our historical / archaeological patrimony.